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"It could happen to you when you least expect it, maybe you're opening a door at work or simply taking a walk on a route you normally avoid. Suddenly you're in a place that feels familiar but is barren and strange. As you search for an exit or something truly familiar your anxiety begins to build and build, higher with every step. You begin to search for a sign of life by loudly saying "hello?". its then that you see it, that which rests Behind The Walls."

Behind The Walls is a TRPG that focuses on exploring liminal spaces and the concepts of what might lurk within them. Inspired by the popular Backrooms conceptBehind The Walls provides a set of rules and aids to help guide you through the unknown and hopefully back out againBehind the Walls was designed as a simple horror game that can be played on rainy nightsblustery days, and anytime you're hanging out with friends.

All you need to play Behind The Walls is:

  • A set of polyhedral dice.
  • Some Character Sheet printouts or blank pieces of paper.
  • Some spooky ambiance.
  • A handful of Friends (2-4).


  • Create your own Characters.
  • Simple three stat system.
  • Lists of 20 Entities and places to explore.
  • Rules for how to play the game.

Buying Behind The Walls gives you:

  • Color and B&W Rulebook PDFs.
  • Color and B&W One Page Book printouts.
  • Color and B&W Character Sheets.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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